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Nina Bosch フルートネックレス 17㎝ ングニ色

Nina Bosch フルートネックレス 17㎝ ングニ色



陶磁器ネックレス 18Kコーティング
陶器部分 約17㎝
シルバーチェーンの長さ 約58㎝





porcelaine earrings (18K gold coating)
Length of Porcelaine part: approx.17cm
Length of silver chain: approx. 58cm

Artist: Nina Bosch
Born and raised in a family of ceramic artists, Nina creates fine, porcelain jewellery and focusses on creating timeless, statement, wearable art jewellery pieces. Drawing inspiration from geometric and organic shapes found in nature, she started her business with the desire of finding a way to merge surrounding together creatively.

Each art piece is uniquely handmade and may vary slightly in shape and colourt compared to what is shown in the photographs on the website or social media posts.  

Please take note of the following points
-Colours and Shape may slightly differ from what is shown on the website or social media posts due to the design.
-Please be careful not to drop the piece onto hard surfaces as it may break.
-The Gold coating will start to come off if it is continuously rubbed against a hard surface.  Please keep and treat it with care for long time use.