Tiffany Marx バーアクロスフィンガーリング (シルバー)

Tiffany Marx バーアクロスフィンガーリング (シルバー)



作家:Tiffany Marx (南アフリカ産)
バーアクロスフィンガーリング  (スターリングシルバー)
「それどこで買ったの?」と聞かれること間違いなしの、パッと人目を引くデザインの指輪です。ダブルポッドリングと同様、リング部分が簡単に調節できますので、指のサイズを気にせずご購入いただけます。普段のリングサイズが極端に極端に小さかったり大きかったりする方は合わない場合もありますが、広い幅のサイズをカバーできます。) 横一列にポッドが並んだ様子は圧巻!着けるとかわいさが引き立ちます。パーティーやお出かけにお勧めです。全てのポッドがシルバーのタイプ、ブロンズのタイプ、シルバーとブロンズのポッドが混ざったタイプの3種類からお選びいただけます。
Artist: Tiffany Marx  (Made in South Africa)
Bar across finger ring (Starling SIlver)

An absolute show stopper! Your friends will ask you where you get it! Just like the double pods rings, you can easily adjust the ring size. (The ring covers a wide range of sizes but may not be able to fit fingers that usually wear extremely extremely small/big size rings) Gorgeously lined pods will lift up your look. Perfect for parties, dinners and any special occasions. Three different types available; all pods in silver; all pods in bronze; pods in silver and pods in bronze mixed.

Tiffany Marx is a jewelry artist who is based in Cape Town. Having graduated from Cape Peninsula University of Technology, she established her own jewelry brand in 2007. Using mainly silver and bronze as the material, her design is sophisticated and organic.
This jewelry range was inspired by pods of Cape Thorn tree. Many people believe South Africa is a hot, dry country. However, the Southern Coast of the country, which is called Garden Route, is blessed with lots of rain and beautiful greeneries.  Being one of South Africa’s world heritage sites, Cape Floral Region consists of less than 0.5% of the whole African continent. However, there are about 20% species of the plants that can be found in the continent.  You can feel the richness of South African natural environment by wearing the jewelries of Tiffany Marx.

  • Tiffany Marx バーアクロスフィンガーリング (シルバー)